A Message from Our Founder

I grew up on a farm in Carpenter, South Dakota, miles from the nearest large town. As a little boy I drove tractor with my dad and learned important lessons about hard work, patience, standing by your word, and living with purpose.

As a farmer, today’s success is built on the work you did yesterday. Whether you’re prepping for spring or forecasting for harvest, you need to be strategic and base your work on the cornerstone of a solid plan. The same is true for most business owners and professionals. They come to us to make sure they’re building on a solid foundation. Are we doing this the right way? What are we missing?

That’s why I started Cornerstone Financial Solutions: to help you see the possibilities and build a cornerstone plan to help you pursue them. With a solid foundation, you’ll find the confidence to help make a true impact and live the life you’ve imagined. 

~Gordon Wollman

Meet Our Team

Wealth Management Team And Leadership

Gordon, Cornerstone Financial Solutions

Gordon Wollman

MS-Financial Planning, CFP®, ChFC, CMFC®, CRPS®, AWMA®, AAMS®, ChFEBC℠
Founder & CEO, CFS
Wealth Advisor, RJFS

Jill Mollner, Cornerstone Financial Solutions

Jill Mollner, MBA, CFP®

Wealth Advisor, RFJS
Branch Operations Manager

Jory Flanery

Associate Advisor


Elizabeth Braley

Data Management Specialist, CFS
Branch Associate, RJFS


Shelli Carlson

Chief Experience Officer, CFS
Branch Associate, RJFS


Michelle Stahl

Partner, Chief Operating Officer, CFS
Office Manager, RJFS


Client Service Team

Shelby Bierema, FPQP®

Manager of Client Relations


Shannon Nasser, Cornerstone Financial Solutions

Shannon Naser

Lead Client Relationship Manager


Emily, Cornerstone Financial Solutions

Emily Thein, FPQP®

Client Relationship Manager


Jan with Cornerstone Financial Solutions

Jan Taylor

Client Service Assistant, CFS
Branch Associate, RJFS


Administrative And Support Team

Debby with Cornerstone Financial Solutions

Debby Enstad

Director of First Impressions, CFS
Branch Associate, RJFS


Gita Hendricks

Marketing Assistant, CFS
Branch Associate, RJFS


Liz Opfer

Personal Assistant, CFS
Branch Associate, RJFS


Lori Mack

Director of First Impressions, CFS
Branch Associate, RJFS


Sarah Micek

Experience Team Manager, CFS
Branch Associate, RJFS


Teri Roest, Marketing Manager

Teri Roest

Marketing Manager, CFS
Branch Associate, RJFS