Michelle's Message

Reflections on Purpose, Principles, and Gratitude

I wanted to take a moment to share a personal update with you. Recently, my family and I welcomed our fourth child into our lives. As I cherished those precious moments at home with our newborn, it gave mean opportunity to reflect on various aspects of lifethe holiday season, the abundant blessings we’ve received, and the journey we are on.

During my time at home, I devoted some moments to work, including exploring the “Who We Are” and Cornerstone in the News” pages on our website. As I reflected on Cornerstone’s history, I was reminded of the numerous awards and accolades that the Cornerstone Team, and Gordon have received over the years, including the recent honor of being named to the 2023 Best in State Wealth Management Teams by Forbes. It was a humbling experience to realize that I have been a part of this incredible journey for 23years!

In these reflections, I couldn’t help but think about the fundamental principles that Gordon has instilled in all of us. It’s about doing the right things and witnessing the positive outcomes that follow. It’s about treating our team with the same respect and care that we extend to our clients. It’s about investing in our team’s growth and development and, in turn, seeing them provide the same level of care to our clients. It’s about giving back to our community, mentoring our young professionals, and celebrating their success.

Above all, it’s about focusing on delivering exceptional value and an outstanding client experience. We firmly believe that by adhering to these principles, we are living a life of purpose, and the success of our business naturally follows. “Do the right things, and good things happen” is not only a way to live life but also how we conduct our business.

As Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Gordon has entrusted me with the task of embedding these principles into our culture. Gordon and the Cornerstone Team have received industry accolades because we approach each day with the mission to “earn your lifelong trust by helping you simplify your life and make wise financial decisions.”

We are not just a financial planning practice; our vision is deeply rooted in making a real difference in the lives of our clients by empowering you to dream, build, and lead your life. This is the value we deliver every day. I hold deep affection for our team and immense gratitude for the clients we serve.

As I enter this holiday season, my heart is filled with gratitude for the many blessings in my life, including the privilege of serving you. Thank you for allowing me to share this reflection, and I look forward to continuing this remarkable journey with all of you.

Warmest wishes for a joyful and blessed new year.


Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Cornerstone Financial Solutions