Pursue Greater Dreams. Achieve True Impact. Build Your Future on a Cornerstone.

At Cornerstone Financial Solutions, We Show You What’s Possible with the
Right Foundation for Your Life and Loved Ones.



What can be chosen or done…what you would do if anything was possible.

Helping you build a financial plan to achieve what’s truly possible is what we do. Empowering you to pursue greater dreams is who we are.

Many people we work with are already saving and investing, but they have a lingering uncertainty. “What’s truly possible for my wealth, my business, my family, and our lives?”

You want to know when you can start pursuing greater dreams.

The good news is you don’t have to make these decisions on your own. When your life and wealth are built on a Cornerstone, you can pursue greater dreams and make the impact you are truly capable of. Through The Cornerstone Experience®, we’ll help you uncover greater possibilities and empower you with a comprehensive plan for living the life that’s calling to you.

Yes, You Can Dream, Build, and Lead the Life You Want.
We Help Make that Possible with The Cornerstone Experience™



We help uncover the greater possibilities available that give you the confidence to pursue greater dreams. We want your plan to create meaningful outcomes in your life.



A Cornerstone is a solid plan in which ALL the moving pieces of your wealth are planned for and working together cohesively so nothing falls through the cracks.



After developing a Cornerstone Plan, we empower you with the leadership tools to carry your dreams forward with confidence, excellence, and a sense of purpose.

Meet Your Cornerstone Team

Gordon Wollman, Financial Advisor, Cornerstone Financial Solutions, South Dakota, Financial Planning

My name is Gordon Wollman, founder and CEO of Cornerstone Financial Solutions. The inspiration to start Cornerstone happened on my dad’s farm when I began to see the importance of building the right foundation. As a business owner and part of a farming family, I understand what many of our clients, maybe even yourself, are facing when it comes to your financial future. That’s part of our story here – and I’d love to share it with you…

Be a Cornerstone Champion

Thank you for being a Cornerstone Champion!
Clients often tell me about outstanding service they received from a member of the Cornerstone Team or how their life was positively impacted by the services we provide.

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Getting The Relationship You Deserve

How To Choose A Wealth Advisor

Choosing who to trust with your hard-earned money is a big decision. How do you know your money and future are in good hands?

We’ve created a complimentary INTERVIEW GUIDE to help you track conversations to compare advisors or evaluate the services and value you get from an advisor you already work with.


This tool will help you define your expectations and stay in control of the conversation.

Rather than being managed through a sales process and having to decipher the meaning of financial jargon like “retirement success”, you’ll be free to think and dream about the impact you want to have.