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Host: Andrew Ulvestad, CFP®, AAMS®, Wealth Advisor

Welcome to My Life is Built, the podcast that delves deep into the

foundations of wealth and empowers you to take control of your financial future.

Episode 3

Building Excellence: The Power of Systems, Habits, and Continuous Improvement

How systems, habits, and continuous improvement shape our lives, both personally and professionally. Andrew is joined by Mr. Gordon Wollman, a seasoned financial professional, to explore the intricate processes and systems that drive success in our lives and businesses. From basketball analogies to real-world financial strategies, we dissect the importance of structured frameworks in achieving our goals.

In this episode:

      • Understanding the significance of processes and systems in shaping our lives.
      • Exploring the role of habits and rituals in achieving success.
      • Learning how to create and maintain effective systems for financial excellence.
      • Discovering the importance of adaptation and continuous improvement in a rapidly changing world.
      • Unveiling the secrets behind Cornerstone Financial Solution’s meticulously designed processes for unparalleled client service.

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Episode 2 

Five Areas of Financial Planning

Delve into the core principles of financial planning with Gordon Wollman, a seasoned expert with over 30 years of experience. Discover how Cornerstone Financial Solutions approaches the five key areas of financial planning.

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 What are the five essential elements of financial planning?

What is Gordon’s background? What led him to the financial industry?

Why is it importnt to have a solid financial plan?

How Cornerstone Financial Solutions evolved to be what it is today. What’s the story behind the name?

Hear real-life examples of the impact strategic financial planning can have on individuals and families/

How to navigate the complexities of investment planning during times of market volatility.

What role does income tax planning play in financial planning? What are its potential benefits?

Practical advice for individuals nearing retirement amid economic uncertainty.

Practical Takeaways:

      • Gain insights into the importance of personal development and planning for a successful life.
      • Understand the significance of having a comprehensive financial plan that includes insurance, investment, tax, estate, and retirement planning.
      • Learn from real-life experiences and examples that highlight the impact of financial planning.
      • Discover actionable tips for navigating market volatility and making informed investment decisions.
      • Recognize the value of income tax planning and how it can contribute to long-term financial success.
      • Get inspired to take charge of your financial future and build a legacy that lasts.

Episode 1

Foundations of Wealth and Fulfillment

Podcast: My Life is Built, Hosted by Andrew Ulvestad

In this episode, we embark on a journey to understand the various foundations that people build their lives upon. From religious beliefs to health, and, of course, the cornerstone for many – financial stability, we uncover the elements that form the bedrock of our existence.

Specifically, we focus on the financial aspect, exploring how it serves as a crucial piece of the foundation for countless individuals.

Released March 6, 2024. 15 Minutes.

CSP #382108 Exp. 2025.01.10

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The “My Life is Built” podcast exists to support you on

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