Honoring All on Mother's Day

On behalf of everyone at Cornerstone Financial Solutions, happy Mother’s Day! It’s not uncommon to hear people describe their mom as “The Best Mom Ever” and proudly present her with a personalized coffee cup or trophy. But Mother’s Day can also be a difficult day for some people, and we want to try to honor all the ways this complicated day affects people.

If this is your first Mother’s Day without your mom – our hearts are with you as you find new traditions to continue celebrating her. Whether you plant flowers in her honor, enjoy brunch at her favorite restaurant, or spend an afternoon on her favorite lake, we know she is in your thoughts on this day.

If you have little ones and think some quiet time alone would be a great gift, we see you. We know you’re exhausted and have probably run out of ideas about what to cook for dinner. Your capacity for love inspires us, and our fingers are crossed that you get the nap you so greatly deserve.

If you’re celebrating via Zoom because your kids live too far away to give you a hug in person, we are ready and waiting to help! We’d love to hear about your children and deliver the hug they aren’t able to give you in person. Stop at the office and say hello.

For foster moms and adoptive moms who are making a difference in the most tangible way imaginable, we are in awe of your willingness to open your hearts and homes.

For the women who thought they’d be a mom by now, but that isn’t how life has played out, you are not forgotten. Give yourself the self-care you need today, in whatever form that may be.

 To the mommas whose babies are waiting for you in Heaven – you are in our thoughts and hearts more than ever on this day. We can’t even begin to imagine the pain you have endured.

 And for those of you for whom this day evokes painful memories, we wish you nurturing relationships to help heal and mend your heart.

 Wherever your heart is this Mother’s Day, we are grateful for you. We are here if you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to speak to, and look forward to many years of celebrating life’s triumphs and heartaches with you as friends.


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