At our Education Event in early September you heard about the passion Gordon and our whole team has for personal and professional development. It’s so important, we’ve identified it as one of our five core values. Be Hungry, Stay Humble is about continuous improvement, pushing through our comfort barriers, and always looking for a better way.  

I’ve had amazing opportunities to learn and grow in the twenty-two years I’ve worked at Cornerstone, and I’m personally grateful Gordon has always encouraged and expected team members to reach for their highest potential. It’s an honor to help drive that effort now.  

I’d like to share one “easy” tool we suggest every new team member get into the habit of using each day. (Because, as James Clear says in Atomic Habits, creating systems and building habits can help us rise above external circumstances. Success often means doing the little things over and over and over again when nobody is watching.)

The DarrenDaily email is a brief but high-energy video by well-respected success mentor, Darren Hardy. One BIG idea, in under 5 minutes, delivered via email every weekday. It’s a great way to focus your energy toward ideas, solutions, and abundance for the day!

Every morning receive one BIG idea to ignite your mind and help you become #BetterEveryDay