Diaper Drive

Diaper Drive

Kicks off at Client Appreciation Event through July 15!

At the heart of any successful organization is a fundamental belief in people. Providing great service—to our clients, each other, our communities, and the world at large—starts with strong relationships.

At Cornerstone, we’ve defined this as one of our five core values, and we call it Invest in People. Since opening more than thirty years ago, and as Cornerstone continues to grow and evolve, this core value guides our decisions, ensuring that we are always a force for good in the lives of the people we touch. It’s our commitment to creating a space where everyone can thrive, and our promise to make a meaningful impact.

For our team, We Invest in People includes ongoing professional and personal learning, continuous improvement, and a team culture where everyone feels valued and heard.

For the #CornerstoneCommunity, it means extending our service beyond business transactions to meaningful community engagement. Through initiatives like our diaper drive, we can make a significant difference in the lives of families in need. It’s a practical manifestation of We Invest In People and underscores our commitment to not just do well in business but also to do good in the world.

Why a Diaper Drive?

You probably know that we joyfully welcomed two babies into our work family in 2023, but you may not have heard that we’re eagerly anticipating another in 2024! We were inspired to not only celebrate with the parents but also to think about how we can support new parents in the Sioux Falls and Huron communities. By supporting the Teddy Bear Den and Plus One, we can make a profound impact on the most vulnerable among us.

As a valued member of the #CornerstoneCommunity, you’re invited to join us if you’re moved to do so. Bring diaper donations to our client appreciation event or to our office by July 15.

Please note: The Teddy Bear Den in Sioux Falls is in particular need of diapers in sizes 4, 5, and 6.

Register for our Client Appreciation Event – June 25 in Sioux Falls and June 27 in Huron.


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